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Specialized Projects

Here at Wreys Bush Concrete we will find a solution to anything Concrete!!! That’s guaranteed.


A lot of Customer’s don’t realize the range of different options they have available when it comes to Concrete. Colored, Exposed, Glass Seeded Concrete the List goes on. Talk to us today to find the Ideal solution for your concrete project.


Some of the different types of concrete we have produced Include:


  • Machine Placed Curb & Channel
    (Sand & Cement Type Mix that is put through a Machine that forms concrete Curbs for Driveways etc.)
  • Exposed Aggregate
    (Where the Top Layer is washed off after Placement exposing the aggregate beneath)
  • Colored Concrete
    (Liquid or Granular Dye can be added at the Mixing stage to produce a range of different colors)
  • Stamped Concrete
    (Where a rubber stamp is laid out on the wet concrete to produce a textured surface)
  • Polished and Ground Concrete
    (Where the Cured Concrete top surface is ground back with diamond grinders to expose the stones and leave a polished finish on the top surface)