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To drive around on a Southland Road, Is to be Driving on some of the Quality Aggregate produced here at Wreys Bush Concrete.

The Invercargill Airport Runway was one of the Bigger projects that we have been involved in teaming with Fulton Hogan to produce a specific type of aggregate for their Asphalt Mix Design.

We work closely with Transit New Zealand and Opus engineers to Develop Sealing Material Suited to the conditions in Southland. All Sealing Chips and Aggregate for use in Asphalt are tested to NZTA M/6:2011 specifications or Higher at an IANZ Laboratory We use for independent testing.

When It comes to Gravel roads in Southland, Often we can be approached by Roading Maintenance Contractors, to find an Answer to a problem stretch of road, with Potholes and or a soft Sub Base, we have many different grades of base course, top course and Binding material, that when used in the right combination performs to a very high standard and will last for years to come.